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The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos Dumont Profiles Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who made great strides in the invention of flight.
Electrical Wizard - How Nikola Tesla Lit Up The World An introduction to the life and contributions of Nikola Tesla covers his innovations in the field of alternating current and his role in the development of such inventions as remote controls, fluorescent lights, and cell phones.
Things That Go Vehicles and transportation are fertile ground for the imagination, and they are also a fantastic gateway to the physical sciences. Explorers: Things That Go uses a series of eye-catching story scenes to set the stage for a wide-ranging examination of the science behind motion. From the speed of racing, to transport on the rails, the science of heavy machinery, the physics of flight, and what keeps boats afloat. After readers absorb the elements of each story, they can explore the details through photographs and explanations on the following page.
The 100 Year Starship In 1992, Dr. Mae Jemison made history by spending eight days in Earth’s orbit, making her the first black woman ever to visit space. Twenty years later, Dr. Jemison is pushing space travel forward again with her 100 Year Starship Foundation. In this new True Book series, readers will join Dr. Jemison as she guides them on a tour of our solar system and explains how astronomers have used technology to discover new stars and planets.
Robots Written in a comprehensive style, a skill-building reader for young enthusiasts profiles robot history and innovation while describing the potential of robots currently being developed.