Every month, the Booksource Book Club meets to discuss a different classroom library title. It’s always interesting to share our (often diverse) opinions on a given book, and debate the many ways it might be used to engage students as readers. Recently, we read The Harlem Charade—and now we’re giving away a Book Club 6-pack to one lucky winner!

This month, our Booksource Book Club read Natasha Tarpley’s The Harlem Charade. It was a fun, quick Middle Grade read with a diverse cast, brimming with intrigue and adventure. The story follows Jin, Elvin and Alex, the plucky central characters who band together to solve an art-world mystery entwined in the past and present. Themes of family, friendship and bravery resonate as they work to help each other, their loved ones and their city. 

Our Book Club agreed unanimously that this title would be great in the classroom, and could be used to spark conversations on African American Arts and Culture, art’s power to influence and shape a community, socioeconomic and ethnic diversity and gentrification. These are meaty issues to tackle, but Tarpley (well-known for picture books like I Love My Hair and Bippity Bop Barbershop) makes them accessible to younger readers while weaving them into an action-packed plotline.

The Harlem Charade: Perfect for Book Clubs

The Harlem Charade would also make a great middle grade book club read (we can attest!). The quick pace and unfolding mystery will keep students engrossed, and the well-dispersed historical and social elements will offer plenty of opportunities for discussion and further study. The author’s notes in the back of the book serve as a good springboard for additional research, and it would be well-paired with nonfiction texts exploring art movements in Harlem and beyond.

Sounds great, right? Wouldn’t you love to have 6 copies for your classroom? Well, you’re in luck! We are giving away a set of 6 copies of The Harlem Charade—enter below for your chance to win!

The Harlem Charade Book Club 6-Pack


This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner!