Gearing Up for the Summer: Tips for Year-Round Readers

Guest post from LitWorld

As tradition goes, summer break is a time for exploring new places, making new friends and discovering new interests. It’s a type of social-emotional development that can, and should, go hand-in-hand with year-round learning.

But for some kids, summer break and ten weeks away from school can put them at risk for summer […]

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15 Summer Reading Tips to Get (and Keep) Kids Reading This Summer

We’ve all heard about the summer slide—and as educators we’ve surely spent hours (if not days) wracking our brains for ways to prevent it. As you may have heard, there is one eensy-weensy, super simple, FUN way to prevent it: summer reading.

The single best predictor of summer loss or gain? Reading. And as with classroom […]

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Elementary Summer Reading Tips from K-6 Teachers Across the Country

We asked K-6 teachers across the country what they do to encourage elementary summer reading for their students. From book clubs and book swaps to interactive plays and ice cream, here’s what they had to say!

“To create buy-in for the next year’s upcoming students, I offer incentives in an over-the-summer activity that involves a “game […]

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Middle School Summer Reading + Giveaway

As students are finishing their final exams this spring, their thoughts shift towards sunshine, free time and absolutely no homework. The last thing on their minds might be, “Am I going to remember all this when school starts next fall?” Despite their enthusiasm for the end of the school year, summer learning loss is well documented and […]

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How to Hook High School Readers This Summer

As the weather gets warmer we begin to think about those long, lazy days of summer that lay ahead. As readers we make lists in our heads of all those books we’ll get to—reading by the pool, reading in the hammock, reading with our toes buried in the sand. And, as teachers, we think about […]

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Teachers College Summer Reading Institute Proves to Be a Week Worth Reliving

By Cristy Rauseo

Have you ever wished you could live a day all over again? I do. In my case, I’d want to live a whole week again. Thanks to Booksource, I received a Teachers College Summer Reading Institute scholarship this year. I had the honor of participating in sessions with the most amazing group of […]

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11 Books to Take You on a Virtual Vacation around the World

If you can’t get away this summer, let books take you there. Enjoy these 11 books (plus a bonus for fun) equipped with Teacher Resources* which include outside links to further the experience of your virtual vacation. Use these in conjunction with Google Earth to continue traveling the world when you have to stay close […]

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17 Books for a Summer of Discovery

Summer is a time of exploration and self-discovery. Summer is a time to travel, camp, go to beaches and pools, whatever it takes to just relax. When you’re a kid (and even for adults), the summer away from school gives you time to process and think; it gives you time to explore the nooks and […]

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The Reading Achievement Gap: Why Do Poor Students Lag Behind Rich Students in Reading Development?


By Richard L. Allington, Ph.D., and Anne McGill-Franzen, Ph.D.

According to a recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report, 12th-grade students from low-income families read four years below middle-class 12th-graders. In fact, their reading performance in 12th grade is equal to the performance of middle-class 8th-grade students! In the U.S., as is the case in […]

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Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen

Every year several books make it to the big screen, and 2015 is no different. When books become movies, the words are magically brought to life, providing a visual depiction of the stories we’ve come to know and love. So let’s roll out the red carpet, because we’ve rounded up some of this year’s biggest […]

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