Building Literacy and Community At LitWorld’s Detroit Regional Story Summit

“Read. Aloooong. Read. Read. Aloooong!

Read. Aloooong. Read. Read. Aloooong!

Our hands are up high. Our feet are down low.

And THIS is how we read along!”

This is the song that opened our third annual Detroit Regional Story Summit last month. Alongside Booksource and LitWorld staff, we had over 250 students in attendance, representing ten different LitClubs across […]

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Keeping You Informed: Lexile Level Changes

Leveled reading is not a new concept for many teachers. With the recognized educational benefits of choice reading, teachers continue to move away from prescribed readers and now offer engaging, real books for authentic reading instruction. However, with this model, teachers must have a way to determine which books provide the most appropriate text complexity […]

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Reading Aloud in the Digital Age

There is one day every year where millions of us from around the globe take action to show that the right to literacy belongs to all people. This day is World Read Aloud Day, and on February 16, 2017, we will advocate for accessible and sustainable literacy communities through the read aloud. On this day, […]

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A Day in Her Shoes: Why We Stand Up for Girls

It’s almost evening on a typical Tuesday in October and Nydia is on her way to LitClub. After a long commute from her high school in lower Manhattan to her home in Harlem, she looks forward to reconnecting with her friends at the club, laughing over inside jokes, hearing their stories and sharing about her […]

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Booksource Kids Celebrate Book Lover’s Day


National Book Lover’s Day is celebrated every year on August 9. This special day helps to promote the love of reading by sharing favorite books, inspiring authors, and special reading places. In its honor, the Booksource kids have a few recommendations for you! Have recommendations you’d like to share? Leave them for us in the […]

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The Book Love Foundation Announces 2016 Winnners

The Book Love Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded its 35th classroom library this year. Since 2013 the Book Love Foundation has given $141,000 in grants for books to classroom teachers. Ten libraries were awarded to middle and high school English Language Arts teachers from the United States and Canada in 2016.

We granted 500-book classroom libraries […]

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The Key of Communication: Opening Doors for Refugees and Immigrants through English Education

June 20th is World Refugee Day, and the plight of refugees is on many hearts and minds these days. The resettlement of refugees continues to enrich, shape and diversify many American communities. Often we forget that refugees face new obstacles once they reach these safe havens: how are they supposed to communicate and build a […]

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Booksource Kids Celebrate Their Teachers

Teaching is one of the most selfless professions out there. Teachers love and care for our children, spending hours with them each day, while spending countless hours deciding how to best prepare them for life and success, often at home on their own time and with their own money. Weekend fun is usually sacrificed for […]

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Join the World Read Aloud Day Movement

February 24th is World Read Aloud Day, and on that day something extraordinary will happen. People across the country and around the world will come together at home, at school, at work and in their communities to read aloud. From the northernmost part of Alaska to Myanmar to southern New Zealand and everywhere in between, […]

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Summer Writing Institute Prepares Educators for Classroom Adventures

By Kricket Servis

I researched, I planned, I strategized, I prepped, I assembled, I studied, I practiced, I rallied, repeat. I did my homework. While researching, my excitement grew. The preparation needed to climb a new mountain with unfamiliar terrain was formidable, yet enthralling. I was ready.

I assured my weary friend that I did my homework; […]

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