10 Tips for Integrating MORE Books Into Your Pre-K Classroom

For young children to love books, they need to experience them. Long before they begin learning to read, young students need to be around books. They need to touch them, see them, hear them read aloud. The research on early literacy is clear: even if children aren’t yet learning to read, interacting with books prepares them to […]

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How Books Can Help Build Early Literacy Skills in Pre-K Classrooms

We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.
–B.F. Skinner, psychologist and author
This quote speaks to me on such a primal level because I LOVE to read, and believe me, I share that love with everyone around me who is willing to listen. My colleagues and I discuss book recommendations, I give […]

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Top Takeaways from Our Favorite NCTE 2016 Sessions in Atlanta

“Books are our co-teachers. When we bring books into the classroom we are never lonely.”  @JoEllenMcCarthy, #NCTE16

We’re back—from NCTE 2016, that is! This annual conference, which took place in Atlanta, GA last weekend, couldn’t have come at a better time of year. Over and over, we heard from educators who connected with their tribe, discovered […]

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Preschool Books for Bots

When I told people I was going to develop and teach a robotics unit for preschool, a few eyebrows raised. “I don’t know anything about robots. Are you sure they’ll understand?” These concerns seemed common, and the truth is, I initially had them, too. But as a teacher in a S.T.E.M. school with access to […]

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Thank You, Ready Readers! A St. Louis Nonprofit Supports Early Childhood Literacy

Tis’ the season to talk about all the good things in this world. This holiday season I want to pay homage to Ready Readers, a St. Louis nonprofit whose mission is to inspire “preschool-age children from low-income communities to become readers by reading aloud to them, increasing their exposure to quality books, and providing literacy-related […]

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