Teaching Media Literacy: 9 Strategies for Integrating Diverse Media Into Balanced Literacy Instruction

With the continuous advancements in technological communications, images and sound are consistently inundating our students. Students today need to be literate in more than reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students need to be taught to critique video, images, graphics and sound delivered through multiple modalities—and teaching media literacy is up to us.  
Teaching Media Literacy Through […]

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Bringing Books to Life: Adventures with Book Trailers

I’m not sure when book trailers started to be recognized as a powerful tool for getting readers excited about books, but it was just a few years ago that I discovered them myself. It was when I started dabbling in Twitter that I came across @MrSchuReads and the amazing book trailers he created and shared […]

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Lessons with Google Docs: 4 Simple Activities to Foster Creative Thinking and Collaboration

Google Drive is the optimum collaborative tool, and because of its ease and accessibility, many schools have gone Google wild. While many students are already using Google Docs to collaboratively work through the components of the writing process, these shared documents can be the platform for many collaborative learning activities too.

I’m an ELA teacher, and […]

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What Keeps Teachers from Implementing Best Practices with Technology Integration?

Over 97% of teachers have one or more computers in their classroom, and over 75% of high school students use personal devices regularly in class. With its abundance, why do teachers who regularly use technology at home hesitate to integrate it into their curricula?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 97% of teachers […]

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QR Codes in the Classroom

I used to wonder about the black-and-white squares on the back of fast-food cups, on store shelves and in magazines. Then I took a technology course, which opened up the world of QR codes for me. QRs are machine-readable codes consisting of black-and-white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information and read by […]

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Top 11 Interactive Websites for the Classroom

Technology, technology, technology! Technology literacies tell us to reuse what’s out there, create, sort, organize and search. And there is no shortage of online materials that enable us to do that. Truth said, there is so much out there that it’s difficult to keep up with. But the best part is that much of it […]

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Take Knowledge Digital: 9 Free Web Resources You Should Check Out!

Students are digital natives—they know how to access technology with the tap of a finger. As teachers, we should harness this capability and integrate it into instruction. We can guide students’ digital learning time by letting it help them build background knowledge, extend their learning beyond the book, and spark topic ideas for conversation or […]

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Learning alongside Your Students: Digital Ideas for the Classroom

It’s Digital Learning Day! And just as the title suggests, we as teachers need to change our mindset from using technology to teach to providing opportunities for students to use technology to learn. We may have a limited number of digital resources at hand in the classrooms, but there are limitless ways of incorporating them.

I […]

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Top Ten eBooks to Use on Smartboards

When you combine Smartboards and eBooks magical things can happen. “EBooks act as interactive big books for all ages!” Here are our top ten favorite eBooks for the Smartboard—chosen for their merit as read alouds and mentor texts.

1. All the Water in the World (eBook) (Grades P-3, Lexile AD520)
2. Punctuation Takes a Vacation (eBook) (Grades […]

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Using eBooks Is Easier than Putting Clothes on a Naked Mole Rat. Wait What?

Now that you have them, how do you use them? Are you ready to try eBooks but not quite sure how to begin? You’re not alone. Booksource has talked to many teachers from across the country, and they have consistently told us the same thing.

One of the simplest, most practical ways to integrate eBooks is […]

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