10 Clever Classroom Library Hacks To Help Teachers Get Students Excited About Reading

These clever and creative classroom library hacks can help you save time, stay organized and get students excited about reading all of the amazing books you have to offer. 
1. Build a Book Hospital

When you put so many classroom library books into the hands of students, some of them are going to come back in less […]

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I Created a Classroom Organizer Account, Now What?

So you created a Classroom Organizer account to help organize your classroom library and you are feeling overwhelmed! We understand and we are here to help!

Take a deep breath….

Here are 5 things to do after creating your Classroom Organizer account:

1. Go to Your Account.

On the left navigation menu of the Teacher Dashboard, you will find Your […]

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Create a Culture of Engaged Readers With Our NEW Booksource Classroom Library Videos!

We’re so excited to kick off our NEW Classroom Library Videos with a series on Creating a Culture of Engaged Readers! In these short video clips, you’ll meet veteran educator Kelli Westmoreland, find answers to common classroom library questions and get ideas for integrating classroom library books into daily instruction. Whether you’re new to the idea of […]

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The Big 3: Introducing Our 2018 Booksource Catalogs and Collections

At Booksource, we believe that creating better readers has the power to create a better world. By providing students with access to books that allow them to explore their interests and passions, classroom libraries have the power to create these readers. A classroom library filled with high-quality, authentic literature also empowers teachers to introduce topics […]

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The Book Love Foundation Announces 2017 Classroom Library Winners

The Book Love Foundation awarded its 55th classroom library this year—and Booksource is honored to be a part of it!

Since 2013 the Book Love Foundation has given $221,000 in grants to classroom teachers. This year, twenty middle and high school English Language Arts teachers from the United States and Canada were awarded 500-book classroom […]

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6 Essentials of a High-Quality Classroom Library

Your classroom library is an integral part of your literacy program, but not all classroom libraries are created equal. A high-quality classroom library provides students access to not just any books but the right books—books that engage them as readers, support and scaffold them as they grow, build reading skills, spark creativity and empathy, encourage […]

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A Classroom Library Quick Reference Guide

“Research proves that access to books and providing students with choices in what they read improves students’ reading motivation, engagement and achievement. A well-curated classroom library offers students the support they need to become lifelong readers.”

–Donalyn Miller
When you build a classroom library filled with engaging books, students get excited about reading. But how do you […]

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How One Kansas City Elementary School Used Classroom Libraries to Boost Grade Level Proficiency by 20%

When Principal Ryan Most came to Kansas City’s New Stanley Elementary School in 2012, the school ranked in the bottom 5% of the state. Classroom libraries were outdated, and teachers received little, if any, professional development.

Materials being used were mostly remnants from past basal programs. They targeted below-grade-level readers, and were working for some students, […]

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How a Teacher Uses a Recycled iPhone to Manage Her Classroom Library

By Jessica Daigle, Eighth Grade Teacher

As I began to develop my classroom library, I looked for ways to maintain accountability of my books. I had books that students wanted to borrow, and I needed to find a system that would help me keep track of what student had which title. I began with a binder. […]

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Building a Classroom Library That Engages Students

By Kelly Benadi-Dowd and Nicole Buta

Every summer, teachers anxiously enter their school buildings to set up their classrooms. From putting up fresh bulletin board paper to the table tags, everything is carefully planned out. Teachers work hard to create a bright, inviting classroom for their new students to enter.

In my classroom, the meeting area is […]

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