11 Inspiring Social Justice Books for Elementary Readers

“School is a place where many issues facing our nation rise to the forefront. As teachers, how do we best prepare our students to face and discuss social justice concerns? For many of us, books offer a solid place to start.” – Katherine Bassett, National Network of State Teachers of the Year

Teaching social justice opens […]

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Mysteries in the Classroom: How to Hook Readers with a “Whodunit” Tale

Last week, I brought home one of my favorite childhood books, The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery by Graeme Base. In the story, Horace the elephant has a birthday party, and someone ate his birthday feast. The picture book has extremely intricate illustrations which hold the clues and keys to the mystery. The solution is […]

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Books (and Digital Media) to Support Anti-Bullying Lessons in the Classroom

According to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, almost one out of every four students will experience some form of bullying this year.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, which is an ideal time for teachers and administrators to join forces with parents, community groups and national organizations to reaffirm the importance of anti-bullying lessons and […]

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Beautifully Illustrated Books Bring the Ocean to Kids (Wherever They May Live)

Several years ago, I picked up a book 100% because of its dramatic cover. On the cover was a scuba diver in yellow to red waters with a thought bubble asking, “How could we let this happen?” As I began reading, I found not only captivating design and illustrations, but also an interesting book about […]

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Imaginary Friends Trending in the Real World

Imaginary companions are making a real impact, even for those of us who can’t see them. Parents and caregivers across the country are setting extra places for them at the table, buckling them into empty seats in the car, and hoping against hope that they don’t accidentally sit on them. We may want to keep […]

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Everyone’s a Genius…A Must Read for Understanding Learning Disabilities

Last summer, Lynda Mullaly Hunt revealed the cover of her second novel, Fish in a Tree (Grades 5-8, Level W, Lexile 550). She described the book as, “…a love letter to teachers—to one in particular—and to all others like him.” She had me hooked by the second sentence. I am pretty sure I ordered the […]

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Literary School Bullies You Love to Hate

A good book has a protagonist that you cheer for. Some titles have such compelling antagonists (making you root for the hero even more!) that they stick with you long after you’ve finished the story.

Here’s a list of some quite despicable school bullies in literature that have helped shape our favorite heroes:


Harriet the Spy by […]

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Stand up to Bullying with These Titles

Bullying has been in the national spotlight for years, but unfortunately, incidents remain. These titles offer opportunities for students of all ages to find support and strategies to counteract bullying.
Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry (Grades P-3)
At its heart, Stick and Stone is a charming story about friendship. Stick and Stone are both alone, until […]

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Anti-Bullying Starts with Self-Worth and Chrysanthemum

We all have vivid memories of bullying in school whether we were directly involved or on the sidelines as a bystander. Now as teachers, we have a responsibility to educate children about this hot topic. Bullying is repeated, aggressive behavior involving an imbalance of power. It occurs at all ages, and we can make a […]

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June Booksource Book Club Pick: George by Alex Gino

Booksource Book Club invites you to read George by Alex Gino when released on August 25, 2015 along with us. We’ll post our discussion later this month where you can join the conversation.

BE WHO YOU ARE. When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she’s not a boy. She […]

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