Build a Positive Classroom Culture With The Rainbow Fish and Other Back-to-School Read Alouds

With big picture themes about friendship, empathy and kindness, Marcus Pfister’s The Rainbow Fish (Grades K-2, Lexile AD 410, Level M) is a delightful picture book about the value of sharing and generosity. And we’ve partnered with Simon & Schuster to give away four Rainbow Fish gift baskets in honor of the 25th anniversary of this […]

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National Poetry Month Resources: The Best Books and Articles to Inspire a Poetry Unit

Any time of year can be perfect for a poetry unit, but spring—when flowers bloom and sunshine returns—seems like an especially appropriate season to introduce students to the beauty of verse. Plus, April is National Poetry Month, making it the ideal time to share all of the learning opportunities these National Poetry Month resources have […]

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It Must Be Halloween! 3 Not-So-Scary Stories for the Primary Classroom

Wind is blowing
pumpkins glowing
orange and red
all around
Leaves are falling
Children calling
Must be
And how can we enjoy this season? Reading great books, of course!

Over the years I have built quite a collection of favorite Halloween books. Some are silly, some are spooky, and all are lots of fun! Here are a few at the top of my […]

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Teaching Empathy and Kindness in Honor of World Smile Day

As a society, we are enthralled with the idea of smiling. The smile inspired a familiar show tune in the musical Annie, has been studied by psychologists for decades and is the subject of inspirational wisdom handed down by everyone from Mother Theresa to Mae West.

It is in this vein that the creation and celebration […]

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Are You Ready for Banned Books Week? With These 7 Resources, You Will Be

Not every book is beloved by every reader. Throughout the years, many books—including many classics—have been censored or banned from schools and libraries for one reason or another.

Since 1982, Banned Books Week has promoted freedom of expression and the importance of access to even controversial titles. Here’s what is happening with Banned Books Week in […]

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Classroom—And in Real Life

Every time my family would visit my grandparents’ house for the weekend, my grandpa would wake up on Sunday mornings before the rest of us (which was pretty early in a family of educators used to waking up at 6 am each day) to buy steaming hot menudo, tender barbacoa, fresh home-made tortillas and all […]

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Classroom Books About 9/11: Titles To Help You Talk With Your Students

While the events of September 11, 2001 remain fresh in our mind as if they happened yesterday, to our students 9/11 is just another historical event that happened before they were born. My daughter is twenty-one, and she remembers the fear of the day, but nothing about the horror so many of us witnessed on […]

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A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals

Once upon a time a hungry lion is surrounded by more than a dozen of his animal pals. What’s the reader to think when the animals begin to disappear—their numbers dwindling little by little until the lion is left all alone? Never fear, readers, because the answer may not be quite what you think!

Today is […]

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8 Quotes to Inspire Your Back-to-School Planning


While many are enjoying the middle of their summer, we know you are getting a start on your back-to-school planning. Stay motivated and inspired with these shareable quote images. They’re great for sharing to your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more. Looking for bulletin board material? Print them for daily motivation in the classroom. Have an educator […]

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Tips for Celebrating Paul Bunyan (and Other Tall Tales) in the Classroom

This Paul Bunyan day, let’s talk about the importance of teaching folktales, tall tales and legends to our students throughout the year.

In case you’re as confused as I was about the difference between the three, allow me to share what I’ve learned. Folktales are stories that have been told since long ago and passed down […]

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