Build Student Literacy and Reading Skills with These 14 Not-So-Traditional Fairy Tales

Although not originally intended only for children, fairy tales have had a prominent place in children’s literature for centuries. With their fantastic, magical elements and plot lines that support character education and social and emotional learning, fairy tales in the classroom can introduce students to history, international settings, critical literacy skills and more.
Fairy Tales Teach […]

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A Place for Poetry: Mini-Lessons for the Classroom

April is National Poetry Month!!!

Now, depending on your personal experiences with poetry, you are either smiling with joy and happiness upon hearing that announcement, or you are cringing and considering closing this window. Twenty-five years ago (give or take a few) I was among the cringers. I. Hated. Poetry.
I Used to Love Poetry…
In my college […]

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Music, History and Craft: Powerful Classroom Learning with Pam Munoz Ryan’s Echo

I’ll be honest. When I decided to read Echo (Grades 5-9, Lexile 680) with my class, it was for selfish reasons. Pam Muñoz Ryan is one of my favorite authors, and Echo had been on my stack since the week it was published. But, with so many books and so little time, Echo, and its […]

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Can You Solve the Mystery? Booksource Book Club Reads Greenglass House by Kate Milford

Booksource Book Club invites you to read along with us. Every month or so (depending on the size of the book) a group of us book nerds gather to talk about a book we’ve all read. Now we want you to join in the fun! We’ll start by giving you an update of our last […]

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3-2-1 Fairy Tales: One High School Fairy Tale

You’re never too old to fall in love with the magic and mystery that make fairy tales come to life.

High school students (and adults) still love to be surprised by an author’s imagination, to feel like they’re part of a story where the seemingly impossible happens on every page.

Mix in some romance, some fierce competition […]

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3-2-1 Fairy Tales: Two Middle Grade Fairy Tales

Last week, I brought you three elementary fairy tale recommendations, and as promised, I’ve found two great titles for your middle school readers.

Of course, middle school students probably think they’re too cool for fairy tales. That’s why I’ve found some great options with darker themes and more complex narratives that are fresh and engaging. These […]

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Celebrate National Poetry Month with These New Titles!

April is National Poetry Month, and it’s a great time to introduce students of all ages to a variety of poets and poems. This month’s selection of titles contains pieces from traditional and well-known poets as well as new voices, all of which can be an ideal introduction to poetry for your students.

Won Ton and […]

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3-2-1 Fairy Tales: Three Elementary Fairy Tales

By now, your students are probably familiar with some of the Disney renditions of classic fairy tales, so I handpicked three titles to incorporate into your elementary classrooms that keep the magic of fairy tales alive on the page.

Click the TR buttons to find a free Teacher Resource with the title.

The Princess and the Pea […]

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Top Ten Biographies and Memoirs

Freshen up your classroom library with these memoirs and biographies your students will love!

Brown Girl Dreaming (Grades 5-10, Lexile 990): Written in beautiful verse, renowned and award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson shares her story of growing up in both the North and South during the 1960s and 1970s.

Sisters (Grades 4-8, Lexile GN320): In a follow up […]

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Booksource’s Top Ten Novels in Verse

Have you tried novels in verse with your students? These novel-length narratives are written in verse or poetry instead of prose. They have all the literary finesse of a standard novel but are typically faster reads. As a result, they can act as great confidence builders for your striving readers and might just spark a […]

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