The Best Books for Classroom Libraries: 40 Top Titles of 2017

With such amazing new children’s literature published each year, it can be difficult to know which titles are the best to include in your classroom library. That’s why we’re here! Finding the books that resonate with young readers—the books that keep them on the edge of their seats, the laugh-out-loud funny ones and the powerful stories […]

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Redefining Hi/Lo Books for the Digital Age

There is no doubt we live in a visual world. Our activities are driven by tablets and phones. Our students are growing up with unlimited content at their fingertips. Clearly, we are educating students for a future that will be much different than ours.
Literacy Skills for the 21st Century
Much of the content students get each […]

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New Loving vs. Virginia Novel Revisits An Important Piece of American History

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Case Loving vs. Virginia, which legalized interracial marriage in the United States. Loving vs. Virginia: A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case (7-12, Z+, HL720) is a beautifully written account of the marriage of Richard and Mildred Loving that details their fight to […]

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25+ Must-Have Books and Series to Engage Reluctant Readers

Research shows that access to books improves reading performances (Lindsay, 2010). But access is much more than just having books available on a shelf, especially when it comes to books for reluctant readers. Access means having the right books available and easy to find for every student in your class. Some students have a more […]

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The Best Books for Classroom Libraries: 20 Top Titles of 2016

With so many amazing books published in 2016, it can be hard to know which are the best to include in a classroom library. To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of titles that are all worth a second look. To curate this list, we crunched the numbers to see which books were popular with customers. […]

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Booksource Book Club Discusses Go Set a Watchman

Booksource Book Club invites you to read along with us. Last month us book nerds gathered around to talk about Go Set a Watchman. Find our discussion below. Now we want you to join in the fun!  Please join the conversation by commenting with your thoughts.

Sean Binkley: To kick this book club off, does anybody […]

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New Books for NONreaders That Will Fascinate and Educate

We have all heard that getting kids to read is dependent on introducing them to the right book. Students become striving readers or reluctant readers for many reasons, but luckily for them there are thousands of books for nonreaders designed to help increase ability and interest in reading. With more of these books available almost […]

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Create Book Fever with These Fun, New Reads

By Melissa Micka, Collection Development

It’s that time of year when students start losing focus and itching to be out of school. Get them engaged again with some fresh, new reads! From humor to fun and beautiful illustrations, these books are sure to hook readers and get them excited about reading. And, they have some great […]

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