3 Reasons Wonder Makes a Wonderful Classroom Read Aloud

WONDER-ing what to read next…?

It’s nearly time for Auggie Pullman to grace the silver screen, and in the spirit of “the movie’s coming out so hurry up and read the book,” here are a few of my favorite things about Wonder that I hope will compel you to pick up a copy, and perhaps read it […]

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How to Electrify Learning with Informational Read Alouds

Reading aloud to young children has always been a delight, but I must plead guilty to spending too many years focusing on fiction-based read alouds. I was afraid that informational selections couldn’t possibly hold the attention of my ever-so-wiggly elementary students. But how wrong I was!

Once I began to experiment with informational read alouds from […]

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Turn Bullies into Besties: Read Alouds for a Classroom 180

I love school. I mean, love love school. I always have.

Although to be honest, I was never the cool kid. I think my bad haircut, over-sized earrings and banana yellow high-tops (I know!) kept me safely out of that category. However, I had a close group of friends, felt connected to many of my teachers […]

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8 Reasons Read Alouds Are Perfect Every Day for Any Grade

If you ask adults about being read to as a child, the recollections conjured will vary greatly. Some may recall cozying up on a loved one’s lap and being whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime. For others, memories involve being cramped in an uncomfortable desk while a teacher or classmate reads a passage […]

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Read Alouds to Inspire Your Future Scientists

Next Generation Science Standards can come to life through read alouds. Bring reading into your science lessons and help your students build a mental picture of tough science concepts through the art of illustration and narrative text with these titles aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. Extend the lesson beyond the text with outside links […]

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Two Birds, One Stone: Picture Book Read Alouds to Integrate Across the Curriculum

Read alouds can be a great vehicle to introduce lessons across the curriculum. They can help build background knowledge and provide a captivating hook to start a lesson. The right book—one with captivating and pertinent information that rolls nicely off the tongue—is the key to consolidating your educational efforts! Check out these new picture book […]

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Beyond the Book: Unexpected Conversations and Outcomes of Read Alouds

When you remember your favorite school experience, what comes to mind first? Many of you probably think about Charlotte’s Web or Ramona the Pest or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing—and the times you gathered at your teacher’s feet right after lunch and listened with rapt attention as she read aloud. The feelings of warmth […]

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In a Read Aloud Rut? Get Out Now!: 5 Fresh Familiar Read Alouds for Primary Grades


Using the same read alouds each school year can cause a good book to go stale for both the audience and the reader. Shake up your read-aloud routine with these five new favorites. Each title offers something a bit different while still staying within the boundaries of a familiar plot-line: an unusual format paired with […]

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Top Ten Read Aloud Picture Books

We found so many great titles for reading aloud, we couldn’t help but share some of our favorites.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath! (Grades P-K)
Shh! We Have a Plan (Grades P-1)
Baby Bear (Grades P-3)
Julia’s House for Lost Creatures (Grades P-2)
Chu’s First Day of School (Grades P-1)
Little Green Peas (Grades P-3)
Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit […]

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