Turn Struggling Readers into Striving Readers with Hi-Lo Books

Everyone is a struggling reader. We all struggle when we’re reading out of discourse. For example, I’m considered a proficient reader but if you give me a physics textbook, I’d be a struggling reader.

But, imagine struggling across all discourses. Would you enjoy reading? The answer is no. Nobody likes to do things that they’re not […]

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A Close Reading Example Featuring Passages from Loving vs. Virginia

Close reading—the thoughtful, critical analysis of a text—is a valuable skill for today’s students, but it’s one that requires practice. Here, author Patricia Hruby Powell does a close reading of her new chapter-book-in-verse Loving vs. Virginia (based on the landmark civil rights case that legalized marriage between races). Students can follow along with the story and develop their […]

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Novels are Nutritious by Author Lauren Wolk

Lauren Wolk, author of 2017 Newbery Honor Book Wolf Hollow and the recently published Beyond the Bright Sea, talks about the power of novels in the classroom.

There are all kinds of teachers and all kinds of labels for them. When I taught high school English and Creative Writing, I thought of myself as a “Pragamatic […]

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Take a Field Trip! Over and Under the Pond, and the Magic of Place in Student Writing

Guest blog post from Kate Messner, Over and Under the Pond author

When I was eleven, we moved from the center of my small town out to the country, and my world suddenly felt a lot bigger. The property was fifty-five acres, made up of apple orchards, pine woods, hills, and streams, and I remember the […]

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Celebrating the Journey: Sue Ganz-Schmitt on Space, Planet Kindergarten and the 100th Day of School

When I was in kindergarten, I found my power in story dictation. I was a quiet kid and I didn’t have a voice in my boisterous family. Each week, a volunteer parent sat with me listening intently and typing my words­, like they mattered. I illustrated my work with a free hand (no coloring book […]

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Make Good Choices! Author KA Holt on Writing to Explore Consequences

In my family, it’s a little bit of a joke when I yell, “Make good choices!” as my kids go off to school, or to play with friends. They always shake their heads and laugh, but hopefully my words sink in a little bit. It’s hard to make good choices, especially when you’re growing up […]

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Because of a Book, a Scientist

By Lola M. Schaefer, author of Because of an Acorn (Chronicle Books, 2016) 

I still remember the first book that excited me about science. I was eight years old and the title was Insects. It wasn’t a field guide, but an illustrated children’s book all about the bugs in my backyard: katydids, ladybugs, moths, beetles, butterflies […]

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Watch Out for Flying Kids! Booksource Interviews Author Cynthia Levinson

It’s not every day that I come across a book that truly expands my world. Watch Out for Flying Kids (Grades 5-9) did just that, and I am grateful. You see, part of this poignant story takes place in my own hometown, St. Louis, Missouri, and was published at a time when I needed this story most. […]

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A Booksource Banter Exclusive: Q and A with Author Sarah Albee on Her New Book Why’d They Wear That?

(Grades 5-8)

What inspired you to write Why’d They Wear That?

Many of my books become “parents” to the next one. In my Poop Happened (Grades 5-9) book, I had a chapter about so-called “filth diseases,” and realized that certain of those diseases—such as typhus, plague, malaria, even sometimes typhoid and dysentery–were vectored by insects. I […]

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Get to Know Favorite Authors with Video Interviews

As an avid reader, I devour a spectrum of books that range from thrilling to lackluster. When I find a story that captivates me, I hold on tight. These types of stories usually have beautifully written language, engrossing storylines and strong characters. Once a book has me hooked, I search for more works by that […]

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