So you created a Classroom Organizer account to help organize your classroom library and you are feeling overwhelmed! We understand and we are here to help!

Take a deep breath….

Here are 5 things to do after creating your Classroom Organizer account:

1. Go to Your Account.

Booksource Classroom Organizer account screenshot

On the left navigation menu of the Teacher Dashboard, you will find Your Account. Here you will find all the “settings” for  your classroom library. There are preferences to be turned on or off, depending on how your organize your classroom library. These settings make it easy to completely customize your library! Track Overdue Books or Track Locations. Use Student Reviews or Individual Student Passwords. It is all up to you!


2. Visit the Help Center!

We have created a Booksource Classroom Organizer Help Center with users in mind.

Search by topic or just browse through the various articles complete with screenshots. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the Help Center, feel free to contact us at and our experts will help!


3. Add Books to the Library.

Booksource Classroom Organizer Library Screenshot

There are several ways to add books to your Booksource Classroom Organizer account. You can manually add an ISBN, scan an ISBN barcode, import a Booksource Invoice or import an Excel document. All of these options are available through the Library: Grow & Manage page. Manually type the ISBN into the Add Title box. Please note, if using a USB Barcode scanner, you will need to turn on the USB Barcode Scanning preference found in Your Account


4. Add Students to your Account.

Now that you  have books in digital library, you want to add your student list. There are a couple of ways to add your student names. You can manually add a name by selecting Add New Student or you can import an excel list using the template we provide for you. 

Booksource Classroom Organizer Student Management Screenshot


5. Checkout a Book!

You have students, you have books…it is time to starting putting that library to good use! There are two ways to check out a book from Booksource Classroom Organizer: Checkout for Students in the Teacher Library OR Checkout & Read as a Student. To Checkout for Students, go to the Library and select Checkout for Students. Find the title you want to check out and choose the student name from the drop down menu provided.

Booksource Classroom Organizer checkout screen

To check out a book as a student, log in to select Student. Find the student name by search or scrolling through the list. You will be prompted to select Checkout & Read or Return. Choose Checkout & Read to view the library. Search, scan or browse the library to checkout a book. Select the book and choose Checkout.

What other Classroom Organizer questions can we answer for you? Email and let us know!