We’re so excited to kick off our NEW Classroom Library Videos with a series on Creating a Culture of Engaged Readers! In these short video clips, you’ll meet veteran educator Kelli Westmoreland, find answers to common classroom library questions and get ideas for integrating classroom library books into daily instruction. Whether you’re new to the idea of classroom libraries or are just looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration, watch and learn! 

The Power of Teaching with Real Books (2:26)

Learn how Kelli’s early days as a teacher inspired her passion for engaging students through authentic literature.

Why Classroom Libraries? (1:18)

Books are powerful tools for inspiring students to become engaged, motivated and skillful readers. Discover the specific benefits that classroom libraries have to offer.

The Research on Engaged Reading (0:41)

Classroom libraries are essential for creating lifelong readers because reading is learned through reading. The research exists to prove it!

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