At Booksource, we believe that creating better readers has the power to create a better world. By providing students with access to books that allow them to explore their interests and passions, classroom libraries have the power to create these readers. A classroom library filled with high-quality, authentic literature also empowers teachers to introduce topics and concepts in new and engaging ways. 

Every year, we release what we affectionately refer to as our “Big 3,” the three Booksource catalogs that feature our newest titles and collections for elementary and middle/high school classrooms, plus one catalog that exclusively highlights our leveled offerings. Here’s what’s new for 2018! 

2018 Grades K-6 Catalog

K-6 2018We are more excited than ever to present our new Grades K-6 Catalog! Debuting in the social studies section this year are Social Justice and Financial Literacy collections, so you can introduce these important topics to the classroom and support your lessons with quality literature. In the science section, our Growth Mindset and Coding collections are also making their first appearance. And this year it is easier than ever to turn your favorite large collections, like Leveled Classroom Libraries and Starter Libraries, into easy-to-share and easy-to-store mobile literacy carts.

We’ve also given our C3 and Next Generation Science standards-aligned collections a make-over, bringing them even more in line with the reading and interest levels you need for your students. As always you’ll find genre, series and content area collections, collections of mentor texts to inspire writing workshop and more. 


2018 Leveled Reading Catalog

Leveled 2018Our new 2018 Leveled Reading Catalog includes new collections at almost every level. Introduce your students to both new and classic characters with our new Favorite Series collections. And check out our refreshed science collections, updated to ensure they contain the most up-to-date information available.

New to classroom libraries? You’ll find independent reading libraries balanced across the guided reading level bands recommended by Fountas and Pinnell. Already have a leveled classroom library but interested in supplementing your existing texts? Our On, Above and Below Level collections are available for individual purchase too. Other offerings in this catalog include Guided Reading 6-Packs of popular titles and Leveled Bookrooms to support multiple classrooms. 


2018 Grades 6-12 Catalog

Booksource catalogs


Due to increased popularity, we’ve added more Graphic Novel and Series collections to this catalog this year. You’ll also find STEM collections and thematic History collections (look for these in the Content Area section) available for both grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. Look for engaging collections like Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers and Strange But True Stories in our High/Low section.  

Request or download one of these 2018 Booksource catalogs, or any of our specialty catalogs, here. For more information about our classroom libraries and collections, call 800.444.0435 to talk one-on-one with a literacy expert about your specific needs.