Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes by Nicola DaviesHidden on every surface and inside everything, tiny, microscopic beings are lurking. The delightful Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes (Grades K-3, Level O, Lexile: AD1020) takes us in for a closer look at the microbes that exist all around us. From their more well-known functions like making us sick, to lesser-known roles they play in erosion and composting, this picture book exposes elementary readers to the unseen world that surrounds them.

Although a complex topic, author Nicola Davies does a wonderful job explaining the ins and outs of microorganisms and making the subject accessible for younger readers. Students will learn about the size, shape and role of various microbes. Simple and thoughtful illustrations help support the text. Tiny Creatures shows even young children the role that “germs” can play—both good and bad! Helpful comparisons to familiar concepts help students make sense of sizes and numbers outside of their experience (e.g., comparing the 20 million microbes in a drop of seawater to the population of New York State), and help children make connections to the world around them.

tiny creatures picture booktiny creatures 2From Tiny Creatures

With its charming artwork, real-life examples and conversational text, this book is perfect for students of many ages—from a read-aloud text for Kindergarten students to an independent reading text for upper-elementary students. Break out the microscope or conduct classroom experiments to bring the text to life and allow students to experience these microbes first hand! Have students compare and contrast different types of microbes and create models of what they find. Reading Tiny Creatures will take students on a delightful journey of the hidden world of microbes and leave them with an appreciation and understanding for these tiny beings.

Hook Your Students
  • Explore the world of microbes through interesting illustrations and storytelling!
  • Did you know microbes can turn food into compost? Learn about this and other cool facts in this book.
  • Science has never been as interesting as it is in this text!

For more ideas on how to integrate Tiny Creatures into your classroom, check out the Teacher Resources Button Teacher Resource!


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