Students are digital natives—they know how to access technology with the tap of a finger. As teachers, we should harness this capability and integrate it into instruction. We can guide students’ digital learning time by letting it help them build background knowledge, extend their learning beyond the book, and spark topic ideas for conversation or research. During this process, students can also be shown responsible and safe ways to use technology. Here are some recommended websites to take knowledge digital.

Non-subscription sites to consider for K-6:

DK Findout!: DK content online in easy-to-access articleswonderopolis

Wonderopolis: Explore answers to everyday wonderings U.S. government portal for kids with articles, games and videos on all subjects

Kid Rex: Kid-friendly Google search engine

National Geographic Kids—Animals: Fact files about animals

SwitchZoo: Build habitats and biomes; make new animalsnatgeokids

Wonderville: Exploring science through animations, games and videos

NASA Kids Club: Space exploration

Make Me Genius: Science videos

The above sites do not require individual student logins to access the information. They are attractively designed for students to explore safely.

If your district/school provides a subscription to World Book Online, Discovery Education, BrainPop or PebbleGo, use them! They are great resources, too. Enjoy!