Looking for ways to avoid the summer slump and keep students motivated to read? Then look no further than Booksource’s summer reading collections!

Even though students are relaxing and soaking up the sun, summer can still be the perfect time to read a fantastic book! You might be thinking “students aren’t going to interrupt pool or beach time with a book.” But as the weather heats up, so should students’ reading, and if the right book comes along, students just might enjoy reading while lounging by the pool.

These summer collections are just the ticket to get students excited about reading and keep them engaged long after the final bell rings to begin summer vacation. The summer brings an abundance of free time, which offers the perfect opportunity to pick up a great book that is going to both encourage students and strengthen their reading skills.

So have no fear, these collections contain a range of low reading levels that will provide ample opportunity for students to have successful reading experiences at home without the instructional support of the classroom. Build confidence and make reading fun this summer by offering a variety of text types, topics and newer titles to choose from.

Research shows that allowing students to choose their reading material keeps them engaged by giving them a sense of ownership over their reading, and helps to improve reading achievement (Johnson & Blair, 2003). In these collections we have the books that will create excitement for reading, so empower your students by providing them the opportunity to choose the book (hopefully books!) that will captivate them.

Designed to appeal to a variety of interests, these collections definitely offer something for every student to choose and enjoy as they create their own positive reading experience outside the school environment.

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Summer Collections KindergartenKindergarten
Summer Stories
Summer Collections Grade OneGrade One
Funny Stories
Mystery Grade TwoGrade Two


Science Fiction and Fantasy Grade ThreeGrade Three
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Scary Stories Grade FourGrade Four
Scary Stories
Sports Stories Grade FiveGrade Five
Sports Stories


Dystopian Stories Grade SixGrade Six
Dystopian Stories
Supernatural Stories Grade SevenGrade Seven
Supernatural Stories
Horror Grade EightGrade Eight